‘SVETLINA’ COMMUNITY CENTER – the village of Kremen

The Community Center existed as far back as 1908. Its founder was Blagoy Hristov Dzhugdanov – an intellectual and one of the leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival. Being a patron of the Community Center, it was named after him – ‘Blagoy Dzhugdanov’ Community Center. The Community Center existed for more than 90 years and it housed a lot of activities – a theater company, a dance company and a vocal group. Later, the scope of its activities decreased and it got closed down. It was re-established in 2006 and it was registered in the Ministry of Culture under a new name – ‘Svetlina’ Community Center, 2006. The opening hours of the Community Center are from 8 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 5 PM. The Community Center has a library with a stock of more than 1 800 books.

The Community Center organizes cultural events in the village and out of it and has participations in different festivals and fairs.

Two folklore groups are functioning at the Community Center – a female folklore group and a male folklore group.Instructor of the female folklore group is Zoyka Yuseva, and of the male folklore group – Georgi Uzunov. Both folklore groups participate in the festivals: ‘Between Three Mountains’ in the town of Bansko, ‘Pirin Sings’ in the town of Razlog, ‘Struma Sings and Dances’ in the village of Nevestino, ‘Malishevo Sings and Dances’ in the village of Mikrevo, ‘Nevrokop Sings and Dances’ in the town of Gotse Delchev. Both groups also tour different place at home and abroad.



2771 village of Kremen

Chair: Georgi Uzunov

Secretary: Zoyka Yuseva

Admistrative Services

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